Membership Guide

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a non-profit financial cooperative that provides services to its member/owners. In order to become a member an individual must be within the "Field-of-Membership" (FOM) and deposit a "share". Those member/owners elect a volunteer Board of Directors from among themselves to manage the organization by setting policies, rates, and fees. The board may employ staff to operate the credit union on a day-to-day basis.

What is WAT Federal Credit Union?

Wat FCU was organized/chartered in 1956 as Williamsport Bellco FCU by 10 employees of the Bell Telephone Co. of Pennsylvania who worked in northcentral PA. The name was changed to WAT FCU (Williamsport Area Telephone) in 1974 in order to recognize the inclusion of numerous other local telephone companies to its "field of membership" (FOM).

Over the years, several other local credit unions merged into WAT FCU, particularly the Penlyco FCU (employees of the City of Williamsport) in 1984. In Addition, the credit union has added certain employee, volunteer, and association groups to the FOM over the years including:

  • Williamsport Municipal Water Authority,
  • Larson Design Group,
  • Suscon, Inc.,
  • Volunteer library assistants & civil defense workers,
  • Old Lycoming Township police Department,
  • PA Assn. of Retirees Care, Inc.,
  • Keystone Filler & Mfg. Co. and subsidiaries,
  • Genetti Hotel & Suites,
  • New Lycoming Bakery,
  • Cathermans Garage & Body Shop, Inc.,
  • Faxon Lanes,
  • The Computer Co-op, Inc.,
  • Williamsport YMCA,
  • A.C.D., Inc.,
  • R & J. Ertel, Inc.,
  • Harder Sporting Goods Company,
  • Professional Petroleum, Inc.,
  • Phoenix Data, Inc.

The credit union will continue to add select employee groups as requested with approval of the Board of Directors.

In addition, retirees of these companies or immediate family or household members of current or retired employees or of current members, may also join the credit union

Updated: Oct 2010